Monday, August 17, 2009

Why is it?

Why is it that...

* on the hottest, muggiest, day of the year is when your kids want to snuggle with you?

* the moment you start cutting an onion, your husband calls your from the bathroom because he forgot to grab a towel...and there he stands dripping wet.

* the moment you get on the phone, the kids want to play with you?

*when you schedule time to play with the kids, the response is "Not right now..."

*so one really needs anything until you start a project, get on the phone, or sit down with a cup of coffee...


  1. So very true! The life of a mom...

  2. OMG so true!!! If you get the answer as to why, please fill in all us mom's. See you on MBC!

  3. Oh, so true!! Following you from MBC!!